Antares – Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor v1.0.1 Download

Antares – Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor v1.0.1 Download

Antares Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor is a revolutionary software designed to enhance vocal recordings by correcting pitch inaccuracies and providing creative effects. It has become an indispensable tool in the music industry, offering unparalleled control over vocal performances.

Combines the most popular vocal compression styles and controls in one powerful plugin. Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor is an advanced two-stage compressor for modern vocals. Key compression styles, powered by next-generation machine learning, make it quick and easy to find optimal compression settings.

Two-Stage Stack Attack

Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor is the world’s only machine-learning vocal compressor plugin that supports two-stage configurations. Combine two fully featured and customizable compressors from four of the most popular styles (FET, Opto A, Opto B, and Modern) in any order to create the ultimate vocal compressor.

Intelligent Compression

Using advanced machine learning technology, Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor analyzes your track and recommends the optimal starting point and compression level to get the sound you want.

Presets from Industry Leaders

Compelling artist presets covering a wide range of vocal styles and moods will help you jump-start your creative process and easily experiment with new ideas.

Warm up your sound

Apply the cozy vibration of tube saturation and harmonics to vocals through one or both compressors using the built-in Warm function.

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Pitch Correction
  • One of its primary functions is real-time pitch correction, allowing users to correct vocal imperfections as they occur during recording or performance.
  • Graphical Mode
  • The software also offers a graphical mode, providing users with a visual representation of vocal pitch, allowing for precise adjustments and customization.
  • Flex-Tune and Humanize
  • Flex-Tune and Humanize features further enhance the naturalness of vocal performances, ensuring that corrections seamlessly blend with the original recording.

Benefits of Using:

  • Enhanced Vocal Performance
  • By correcting pitch inaccuracies and providing creative effects, Antares Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor enhances the overall quality and impact of vocal performances.
  • Time Efficiency
  • The software streamlines the recording and editing process, saving valuable time for producers and artists alike.
  • Creative Possibilities
  • With its extensive range of features and customization options, Antares Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor unlocks endless creative possibilities, allowing users to explore new vocal styles and effects.

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