iZotope – RX 10 Audio Editor Advanced v10.5.0 STANDALONE

iZotope – RX 10 Audio Editor Advanced v10.5.0 STANDALONE

iZotope RX 10 Audio Editor Advanced is an award-winning audio restoration package trusted by leading post-production engineers who need to quickly and reliably prepare audio for professional release. Review conversation recordings with a new text navigation feature that generates and displays speech transcriptions, resynthesize missing frequencies in bandwidth-limited recordings with updated Spectral Recovery, and save time removing unwanted noise with De-Hum’s new Dynamic Adaptive Mode – with multi-channel support up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2.

Text Navigation + Multi-Talker Detection [Standard + Advanced]

Use the new text navigation to instantly see what you’re hearing. This feature will analyze your dialogue and display the text directly on the spectrogram timeline.
Working with a file containing more than one voice? RX 10’s multi-talker detection can automatically differentiate between different voices, so you can apply processing to each person for consistent mixing.

Repair Assistant Plugin [ Items + Standard + Advanced ]

The new assistant plugin automatically recognizes the problem and suggests a repair chain that can be customized using a pair of easy-to-use dials. Instead of just making a plug-in version of the current Repair Assistant, this plug-in was created from scratch.

Adaptive Dynamic Mode in Hum Reduction [ Offline Editor: Standard + Advanced ]

Save time by removing any unwanted hum with De-Hum’s new Dynamic Adaptive Mode, which no longer requires analysis of the audio material, but allows you to start eliminating noise on the go in the audio editor.

Upgraded Spectral Restoration [Offline Editor: Advanced]

Is your recording missing highs and lows? Was it recorded on a cell phone or any other non-studio-grade equipment? The neural network in Spectral Recovery has been updated to improve the quality of the resynthesized high frequencies, and can now also recreate missing lower frequencies.

Key Features:

  • Audio Restoration: The ability to repair and restore audio recordings, including removing noise, buzzes, clippings, and other unwanted artifacts.
  • Post-production: The ability to enhance recordings for post-production, including dialogue editing, music rebalancing, and sound design.
  • De-Click: The ability to remove clicks and pops from recordings, making it ideal for restoring vinyl and other damaged recordings.
  • Noise Cancellation: The ability to reduce or remove unwanted noise from a recording, including background noise, hiss, and other unwanted artifacts.
  • De-Hum: The ability to remove ground noise and electrical interference from recordings.
  • De-Clip: Ability to repair audio recordings that are cut or distorted due to overload.
  • Musical rebalance The ability to adjust the volume levels of individual elements in a mix, making it ideal for music post-production.
  • Sound Design: The ability to create and enhance sound effects, including filtering, EQ, and spatial processing.

Changelog v10.5.0

  • Version 10.5.0 was released on January 23, 2024.
  • Changed the minimum supported version of macOS to macOS Monterey.
  • ADDED support for macOS Sonoma (10.4.2 has also been tested for compatibility with macOS Sonoma).
  • ADDED support for Cubase 13 and Reaper 7.
  • FIXED RX app changes the audio driver to a 44.1kHz sample rate when opening the app manually or using RX Connect.
  • Fixed unavailability of RX 10 Connect Audiosuite clip processing modes on Windows in Pro Tools 2023.12.
  • Fixed areas of silence appearing in some iZotope plugins when hosted in the RX 10 app.
  • Fixed a crash when selecting Japanese as the tooltip display language in the app.
  • Fixed reduced contrast of spectrum axis labels and grid lines in the RX application.
  • Fixed low contrast of module capture UI element in Module Chain.

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