Noir Labs – Everything Bundle Devices for Max for Live Free

Noir Labs – Everything Bundle Devices for Max for Live Free

Noir Labs devices bridge the gap between useful utilities and unique creative tools. They demonstrate the depth of what’s possible to achieve with Max For Live. Let’s look at 5 Noir Labs Max For Live devices and see why you need to have them in your music-making workflow.

Advanced DNA Testing

At the heart of Noir Labs’ offerings lies advanced DNA testing capabilities. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Noir Labs can analyze an individual’s genetic code with unparalleled accuracy, providing insights into various aspects of health and wellness.

Personalized Health Plans

Based on the results of DNA testing, Noir Labs develops personalized health plans tailored to each individual’s unique genetic profile. These comprehensive plans encompass various facets of health, including nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle modifications, to optimize overall well-being.

Everything Bundle. All the professional audio effects we currently sell in one convenient package.

  • Carver v1.2 – Generates natural-sounding transients without altering perceived loudness.
  • Chain Shaper v3 – Automatic transient detection – recognizes drum hits at any volume without the need to adjust the threshold.
  • Shortcut Buddy v3.02 – Launch up to 64 frequently used plugins with a single keystroke or midi mapping.
  • Swiss Army Meter v5.1 – Displays Label, Integrated LUFS, Instantaneous Max LUFS, LRA, True Peak, RMS, and Current Peak DB.
  • Volume Buddy v2.5.2 – Automatically matches pre-effect volume to post-effect volume with incredible speed – all in one plugin.

Key Features:

  • Multiple reading types (LUFS, Peak, RMS, etc.)
  • A phase correlation meter
  • ITU-R BS.1770 and EBU R128 compliant

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